Who we are


The Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board

The NMRWB is the main instrument of wildlife management in the Nunavik Marine Region.  The membership of the NMRWB reflects its aim to consider both western science and traditional Inuit knowledge, or Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) when making wildlife management decisions.  The board is comprised of seven members – three members appointed by Makivik Corporation, one member appointed by the Federal Minster of Fisheries and Oceans, one member appointed by the Federal Minister of the Environment, one member appointed by the Government of Nunavut, and a chairperson, nominated by the board members and approved by the Federal Minster of Fisheries and Oceans.  The majority of NMRWB members are Inuit who live in Nunavik and Nunavut.

The Staff

The office of the NRMWB is located in Inukjuak.  There are five full-time employees of the NMRWB; an Executive Director, a Director of Wildlife Management, a Wildlife Liaison Officer, a Biologist, and a Secretary/Translator.

The Executive Director is responsible for day-to-day administration of the NRMWB, including the handling of finances, the organization of meetings, and interactions between the NMRWB, communities, and other organizations.

The Director of Wildlife Management oversees all aspects of wildlife management including: review of scientific and technical submissions to the Board; providing scientific/technical advice to the Board; and directing and administering the NMRWB wildlife research responsibilities.   The Director is also responsible for the management of the NMR Wildlife Research Fund (NMRWRF), as well as being the main person designated by the NMRWB to act on its behalf on various wildlife management committees and organizations.

The Wildlife Liaison Officer has the important task of coordinating information between the NMRWB and its staff and the LNUKs, RNUK, and local communities.

The Wildlife Biologist supports the Executive Director and the Wildlife Management Director in carrying out the activities of the NMRWB by: assisting in liaison activities with the RNUK, LNUKs and other community organizations; helping to manage the NMR Wildlife Research Fund (NMRWRF) and reviewing proposed wildlife research projects related thereto; maintaining research funding and other databases; assisting with coordination of meetings and workshops; reviewing research and land and water use permits; participating in the development of conservation education materials and programs for the NMRWB.

The Secretary /Translator provides essential administrative support to all of the other staff members, and is responsible for maintaining an organized and coordinated office.